Friday, April 20, 2012

Abolishment of PTPTN?

Is it appropriate to do so?

I beg to differ.


This is just my opinion so you can choose to accept it or leave it.

Readers should understand that the PTPTN loan is more than enough to cover for each semester's fee until graduation. After subtracting the tuition fee from the loan (for each semester), a student should have roughly two-thirds of the actual amount left. I believe the remaining amount should be more than enough to pay for the living costs (assuming that you are living in the hostel).

Protest camp or Whine camp?
The recent demonstration at Dataran Merdeka has certainly caught a lot of attention and caused a lot of unnecessary mayhem. This post of mine is to review the logic of abolishing the aforementioned loan.

According to my observation, the aim of the demonstration is to demand free tertiary education by the government. I am actually fine with the notion of free education if our country is doing well economically. But to think the protestors actually have the guts to demand for the abolishment of the student loan is totally ridiculous! 

Has it actually occurred in the minds of those protestors of the necessity of such a loan? This is actually very important to undergraduates who are financially unstable. Those from poor families rely solely on the loan to pursue tertiary education and sustain themselves during their time in university. Without PTPTN loan, what are we going to rely on?

Do you people actually expect the government to allocate a sum of money for the purpose of feeding and housing you for free? And then give you money to go play or buy things you desire? What do you take the government for? A charity house?


It is because of people with such mindset that our country is facing so much problems nowadays. Please do not expect the government to provide us with everything. Ponder upon the following saying:

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Malaysia has enough drama going on already so I pray the youth would stop 'performing' and be reasonable for the sake of our country's image. If you think you deserve free education, you should have worked hard to obtain a scholarship.