Thursday, June 28, 2012

Depart from change?

Arrived Sibu after a turn of events which constantly delayed my departure from Kuching. Special thanks to Madeline, Gregley and Ericley for sending me to Kuching Sentral on a short notice.

Sophisticated bus ticket.
The bus I was on for 7 hours.
Where I spent my last moment before getting on the bus
A long bus journey is a very arduous experience, especially when you're alone. But it is very rewarding in my opinion because you get to reflect on yourself. Thoughts you've never had the time to ponder on and recaps of your past experiences. Nostalgia.

I am reminded of the time when I first left Brunei to study in Sibu. And also the time when I left Sibu for Brunei during my May-June 2011 visit. I can go on and on because I've taken too many bus rides and those memories come fleeting to me when I sit alone at the coffee shop while waiting for the time of departure.

But most of all, I am disappointed with myself. Living in a different place meant growing and changing in accordance to the environment. When you return to a place you've known for so long and still get the same treatment. And now I wonder to myself, am I still as immature as I was a few years back or whether others just perceive me to be the same person I was back then.

"If it is that hard to earn the amount of respect to maintain my dignity, I sincerely yield this fruitless quest." (JxDecimo, 2012)

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